Help on choosing PSU!!!!

hi i want to build my own pc. here are the specs:
asus p8z77-v pro intel socket 1155
intel i3-3220
lg dvdrw 24x box
ms win7 home premium
venomrx levantine case
seagate sata III 500GB 7200rpm
corsair 4gb ram

i'm planning on using the corsair builder cx500. will this be enough for this config?
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  1. well the pc has the integrated intel hd 2500 ha i will use for mid range gaming
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    Hi michaellimbong!

    Yes, the Corsair Builder CX500 will be adequate for your build.
  3. michaellimbong said:
    well the pc has the integrated intel hd 2500 ha i will use for mid range gaming

    It's barely good enough for low range gaming.

    You should at the very minimum get the i3-3225 which comes with the Intel HD 4000. It probably costs around $10 more than the i3-3220. The Intel HD 4000 is roughly 35% - 40% faster than the Intel HD 3000 which is probably around 20% faster than the Intel HD 2500.

    While those percentages may seem impressive, the Intel is slightly slower than a Radeon HD 5550. The Intel HD 3000 is basically equal to the Radeon HD 5450. The Intel HD 2500 is slower than the HD 5450.
  4. If you want to rely solely on the integrated graphics core, then the AMD A10-5800k would be the better choice. The integrated Radeon HD 7660D's performance is greater than the Radeon HD 5570, but less than the Radeon HD 6570. Also faster RAM improves performance.
  5. sorry, i just woke up. im from indonesia. :) the intel i3-3225 hasnt been in the indonesian market for such a long time, so i am forced to stick with intel i3-3220 for now. still waiting for it...
  6. hey guys!!! how about if i'm adding a msi gts 450. will 500w still be enough for it.
  7. Get hd 7750 instead of gts not worry about your psu as it can handle gpu upto hd 7870.
  8. well i'll wait for haswell
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