[POLL] Intel core i5 or Intel core i7 for this custom PC

So, I am building a $1,200 gaming PC: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jAWD

should I upgrade to an i7 CPU? I was told with the video card I currently selected I woudln't use it to it's fullest potential on an i5. Let me know if it is worth upgrading to the i7.

Also, if there are any other things you would change with the build please let me know what and why.

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  1. Whoever told you that doesn't know what he's talking about.
    The i5-3570k performs essentially the same as the i7-3770k on games.

    The only time you will need an i7 is if you do heavy CPU-based tasks like video rendering.

    P.S - that's an awesome build.
  2. Go with an i5 3570k for gaming.
    use that extra money for a graphics card.
  3. ^+1. if you're just gaming stay with an I5, and spend more on the video card.
  4. Pretty sure you need 3 of those 7970's on a single motherboard before you start to the the i5 bottleneck anything.

    As the rest have said, you'll have no problems, go with the i5 and either save the rest of the money, or put it towards something that will give some noticeable performance gains :)
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