PC Hangs and crashes

Hello guys, i need your expertise on this matter, i've recently built a my rig and i'm kinda having some problems..

Motherboard: MSI H67MA-E45 B3
RAM: Kingston 2GBx2
HDD: 1TB Seagate
Video Card: Sapphire HD 6770
PSU: Acbel R8 650w
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500 @3.30GHz (4CPUs~)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

well, my problem is that, at some point when i'm playing some games like Tera online, Dragon Nest, Dead Space 3 ,etc.
my PC hangs and all i can do is restart the whole thing, i've been looking for a solution online, and still no luck, i did some testings like running memtest, to see if its a RAM problem, well, this is what i got http://imgur.com/sQCCEdS and after that, it hanged.
so i can't really say that i've completed that one. Another thing is that i used the Prime95 and, it hanged also, cant move a thing XD.

so please i need your help on my problem T_T

is it a hardware problem? my specs problem?, what do you think?
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  1. take one dimm out and rerun the tests for memtest86 if it passes swap the dimm. if the new dimm fails..then you found your bad dimm.
  2. i've actually did that, on both dimms, and both did give me the same result like what the image i've posted, but still i can play games, and has random Hangs or crashes.
  3. check your bios there been a lot of bios patches for your mb on msi web page.
  4. Thankyou for your response sir smorizio, i've updated my BIOS to version 3, then i tried again running memtest, but still after 2mins, it hanged again, i dunno what i'm missing here, >.< is my RAM faulty? my PSU? Motherboard RAM slots?
  5. additional observations here, i seem to encounter Hangs much more recently after the update, >.<
  6. right now, it turned out for the worst, even when booting up, it hangs and restarts, i tried reformatting it, and still persists, i dont know what to do anymore, please help me T_T
  7. if you have onboard video on the mb try pulling the gpu and see if the rig is stable..could be a power issue. i would also try and turn off the cpu cache to see if it the cpu or ram. check the ram speed is set right in the bios..with cpu-z. also check your mb ra mqal list to see if the ram you have is on there list.
  8. hello again sir smorizio, how can i turn off the cpu cache? is that on the BIOS setup?
  9. upon pulling the GPU and using the onboard video, upon bootup, it froze with pink stripes, and looping there, what should i do T_T
  10. ok, i have reformatted my PC, installed the updated Drivers, and it still has random crashes upon bootup, and it also hangs & restarts even when configuring Windows Updates it stucks on 30%, then i am forced to restart the PC. what do you think is the reason for this happening? i strongly need your help guys...
  11. here is the screenshot of my CPU-Z i have a freshly reformatted PC, but even now i still encounter random Freezes and sometimes freezes upon bootup so, i always go to Launchup recovery whenever i'm restarting the PC, i need your help guys, i dont know much on how to troubleshoot hardware problems..
  12. try another band of ram. if it still hangs rma the cpu. the pink video in part of a cpu/gpu issue.
  13. what do you mean by "rma the cpu" sir smorizio?
  14. send the cpu back to the vendor for replacement.
  15. how can i be sure that its the CPU problem? how will i know that its defective?
  16. with the newer intel cpu the ram controller is part of the cpu. if the system locks up in ram test..there only a few issues to cause it. 1. the ram not seated all the way or there a bent pin. the ram and mb hate each other/was not qal for the mb...to rule out this kind of issue you have to try another brand and or make sure the mb bios is up to date. 3. the cpu ram controller is bad or there a bent pin..issue show up like only 1/2 the slots are working or the any ram failes the same tests in any of the ram slots. most mb vendor on debug will want you to take ram sticks put one stick in and walk it to every slot and see if the memory range stays the same with both sticks and all ram. when you swap ram stick out and it bad the good ram going to pass. if two sticks are bad..then the error spots are going to change in memtest.
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