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Hi everyone,

Evga´s gtx 660 ti just arrived today so I was fairly excited about getting 2 of them, however just looked on the prices and..... got a bit sad...

I´m buying evga only and using their european site.

I had a gtx 670 which I gave to my younger brother for gaming and such, so I wanted to get a new gpu now, however I don´t really have lots of money right now to spend on gpus, so I´ll be getting one now and another latter.

the fact is that in evga europe sites the prices are

gtx 670 - 399€
gtx 660 - 325€
gtx 560 ti 448 FTW - 245€

I am a very casual gamer, I do mostly rendering and such, but I am getting really tired of the gpu built in the new ivy bridge.....

Do you guys think I can get some good performance getting a gtx 560... right now and another in a couple of months or should I just go for the 670 again...?

I really don´t see a point in going for the 660 since it´s not a lot cheaper than the 670.....

I don´t really want super perfomance on graphics just something really nice to enjoy some casual gaming at decent fps, and I only play at 1680x1050 the max my monitor can handle (samsung 206 bw)

Can you guys give me your thoughts? I am really wanting to go with the 560 448 etc.. because its quite a lot cheaper around 90€, do you guys believe it will do fine? In a couple of months i might go sli, but for now it´s either use the bad built in gpu of the ivy bridge or get a 560 448 ftw... what do you suggest?

Many thanks everyone
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  1. The 560 will do fine at that resolution. You won't be able to max out every game, but if playing on high is fine, then it's a good choice. If you are ever planning to upgrade your resolution, then it may be a good idea to go for something better.
  2. i have the evga 560ti448 (not ftw) and i use it on 1920x1080, i like it just fine. you should be able to game on high in most games at that resolution
  3. Many thanks carowden and chairman ray,

    I will be going to the 560 then, really liked the idea of a 660 ti, but imo everyone is making a lot of money in those since it´s a new card, and i a year they will drop to their correct fair price.

    I have some hdtv that I may play in but generaly I never bother to take the computer to the living room, and if I can get some cash around december november i may buy a second, sli 560´s and have a better gpu setup for more performance :)

    Many thanks ! :D
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