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PhysX card for question

Here is my set up:

Core i3 2120
ASRock P67 Extreme 4 Gen3
EVGA GTX560Ti 448 Core
8GB 1333 mhz ram
Antec Neo Eco 620 PSU

So the question is, if i got an EVGA GTS 250 for PhysX (I play Batman and will get Borderlands 2 when it comes out) will my PSU be able to handle it? I understand that I do not have enough PCIe plugs, which brings up my next question, If I were to use a molex to PCIe just for the PhysX card would it be a terrible idea? I wouldnt do this for a primary card ever, but from what I understand, the PhysX card shouldnt ever really reach full load. If that route isn't the way to go, would a newer card such as a GT 440, 520, 620, or 630 be a viable solution?

Edit: please excuse the typo on the title, got distracted while typing and forgot to delete "for" haha
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  1. The GTS250 isn't a power hog and won't be at full load for any physx use, the problem is that the GF110 based card usually sucks 200w+ on stock clocks easy and account for 65w for the cpu you should be able to just get by power wise.
  2. you know i was hoping that you would reply, ive seen your replies in other threads similar to this...okay i know you said something about underclocking the core clock and overclocking the shaders, would this have any affect on power consumption?
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  4. thanks for that! didnt come across that thread when i was searching earlier. so your vote is to just not use a dedicated phsyx card at all? if my card will handle these games with physx enabled, im fine with that idea, but i do like the effects that phsyx has to offer.
  5. Like we mentioned before, only particular games has the noticeable effect, if you see yourself on those games just grab the Physx card.
  6. yeah im most concerned about how borderlands 2 will play and how much it will benefit, which is hard to know since its not out yet. from what ive seen, i feel like a dedicated card will help my system out a lot (in this game in particular), would you agree?
  7. It won't make any problem if you give it a try and find out yourself, regarding the PSU it should handle the 2 cards without any problem.
  8. Alright, sounds good, wasn't trying to make the thread any longer than it needed to be, just trying to make sure i was understanding you. Thanks for the help guys
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