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Hi everyone! For the last months my rig is having those bizarre hickups (lag, stutter) I can´t explain. Every time I run youtube (doesn´t matter if FHD and full screen or not), I get this lag for a half second. If I open many tabs simultaneously my cpu jumps to the sky 60% to 100% when I have kept my browser open for a while (firefox, chrome or opera). I have had heavy lag when playing some online flash games (cpu @ 100%). Hickup sometimes happens on a desktop also.
Now, the same story goes with games. Whenever I play something lag appears. It doesn´t matter what settings have been chosen. Though I have an entry-level PC (g860, 4 gb, 4870 512 mb, FSP: Fortron Hexa 500 w 80+) it should handle most games @ 720p with medium settings. What really shows that something isnt right is that I got a lag while playing Quake 3 (game from the ice age).
1. Benchmarks like 3dMark06 seems fine: One thing I noticed was with cpu test. CPU tests used to be 0.6 and 0.9 fps respectively when I last ran the test. Not sure if any significance.
2. Ran a torture test (cant remember the program, but its well known:)) for 15 min. Nothing wrong. So I guess PSU should handle these components.
3. Tried playing with integrated card and same lag (inc Quake 3). Win 7 once showed a report that integrated card is defective.
4. HDD seems fine. No bads. Health good with HDTune. One it guy said that fragmentation is too high (26%), so I reduced paging file to 1024 mb and it is now 9%. Also fragmented it and CCleaned.
5. No known viruses. Avast running in backround. Malwarebytes showed nothing.
6. HWinfo shows cpu cores to run at max, then half, then again max. Maybe some cpu stepping issues? In the bios cpu is set to run @max.

My two guesses are HDD and CPU but other than that I have completely ran out of ideas. So any hint is warmly welcome :)

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  1. Check your cpu temps. Make sure all fans are clean.
  2. Temps are fine. Realtemp shows 35c and I haven't seen more than 53c when on load. GPU also fine, 63c at most (msi afterburner regulation).
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