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Hey guys,

See here (more details)

Thanks to your help, I had a really great experience building my first homemade computer. It was a lot of fun and because of you, I really saved on many parts that were way overkill in my first build plan.

1) Nonetheless, I am stubborn and I sticked to some choices, such as the 4gb GPU instead of the simple 2GB. The reason was mainly because there was a 10$ difference between the two and I thought that was a no brainer!

2) I went with this very expensive MoBo because I liked all the +++ features compared to other less expensive ones. I know I could have gone with something like Asrock or gigabyte, but I was sold to the p8-z77-v deluxe... And even though Asrock are now much better then they used to be, my friends really scared me about that brand.

3) You can read anything else on the pcpartpicker page :)

PS: Sorry for my english mistakes, this is my second language.
PS2: Thanks again for your help (i remember manofchalk really helped me a lot)
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  1. I still have a few questions though...

    A) Do you think the cable management in the back of the MoBo could be problematic in the long term? Any advice to improve it? (should have bought a modular PSU). On the front, you can see the molex plug that connects to my firewire pcie expansion board (over the gpu). Any advice to improve this one? It seems as it's the only cable that is really problematic.

    B) Would you remove the 2 lower (unused) hdd bay to let more space for the airflow and extra psu cables?

    C) I ordered 2 x 200mm coolermaster megaflow fans. I'll probably put them both at the top of my case and move the actual TT 200mm colorshift fan to the side panel. With that setting, do you think it'll be useless to add a fan on the case bottom (120mm one) ?

    D) I'm adding also a NZXT HUE led controller with a 2m led strip for some cool lighting setup :D It'll be a mix of blue and orange lighting. However this takes a 5.25 bay slot and I'm wondering if it's best to put it right under my optical drive or at the lowest available bay, to maximize airflow (see the shot where you have a clear view of the cpu cooler fan).

    E) I could get a second hand Spyder3Express to calibrate my monitor. Do you think it worths it?

    Thanks guys!
  2. With cable management, as long as its not blocking airflow its not a problem. If you have a case window and can see in, then there's aesthetic to consider. Keep as many and as much of the cables as possible behind the mobo.
    Heres a good tutorial, fully expect to get nowhere near as neat in the back. Having a ton of HDD's (I have 7...) really messes up cable management neatness at the back.

    If you think it would help. Though then the question of where to put it would come up. Clutter the case or clutter your room?

    Probably, but it wont be a bad thing. Might be useful if you want to assure a positive or neutral case airflow.
    Intake air will be coming from the front, side and bottom fan (if you get it). Airflow through the drive bays will be minimal, and that's with a strong negative case pressure. Just put it wherever is easiest to reach I guess.

    Personally haven't used anything to calibrate my monitor, so I cant really say.
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