Good Power supply for my setup?

Hey guys my old PSU I had for 3 years died and I need a new one the old one I had was a 750Watt CiT black edition.

My components are:
8GB Gskill Ram 2X4GB
8GB Cosair Vengance ram 2x4gb
Amd Phenomon X6 Black edition 1100T
Radeon 6850 graphics card.

Thanks Guys Need one which is cheap and a brand name so It doesn't destroy my components. Also if possible it be on ebay or amazon too.
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  1. I heard ocz was a bad brand?
  2. ocz was never bad per say but the were mid range for a while but they pretty much solid units now the corsair cx is their entry level units while the ocz zs is a level higher in an entry level enthusiest unit you can see the review here
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