CPU for 3D and rendering

I'm going for a new CPU, but i'm not into whats what. Multi thread this and dual that and you know what.

Should i go for a Xeon processor or maybe dual Xeon setup. I want fast simulations, rayfire, fumefx and renering speeds in 3DS max etc. Or will a top model i7 do the thing?
I am mainly going to use computer for AE and 3Ds max. Im not a PRO, but i could use some speed.

Searched for workstations, and ended up reading specs lists, i saw that this xeon cpu where all over so i figured thats the way to go.

-Current setup-

I got a Gtx 580
Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz 32GB
Intel Core i7 Quad Processor i7-2600K
ASUS Sabertooth P67, Socket-1155
Corsair TX 750W power supply
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  1. If you really have the money... Nothing beats a dual Xenon 10 cores (20 threads) CPU set up... but that's really really expensive...
  2. Yeah if money is no option get the most cores possible. Currently you can max out at 64 cores on an AMD motherboard and 40 cores or 80 logical cores on a xeon board. With simulation software like solidworks the more cores the better your performance. If your modeling with a program like solid works get (once again if money is no option) at least 2 quadro 6000 graphics cards. Then get 128gb of ram or more. With this setup look to pay around 10k.

    If money is an object that you have trouble parting with get an i7 3930, with one gtx 470 which you can softmod to a quadro fx6000. And get a mobo that can handle 32gb of ram. This set-up will give you fluid performance. Expect to pay under 2k for this set-up. Also expect physics simulations to take more than four times longer than with the above mentioned system.
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