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Are the 27" screens with a decent resolution EVER gonna come down in price? I feel like i'm overlooking something here. I havea 24" monitor from ACER that I bought about 3 years ago. The picture is still very nice imo. But I want something newer and better. But it seems like the only worthwhile upgrade is a 27". But the "recommended" resolution for a monitor that size is larger than my current 1900x1200. But those are all $850 and more! Is there talk about a price drop, at all? That's pretty absurd for a 27" screen!

I didn't notice a monitor section so thought this is the next best place.
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  1. 27" is much bigger than 24" so yes, they are expensive.

    For me, I rather stay with 24" because a bigger screen would be too big IMO for the field of view. Unless you are coding/photoshopping/sony vegas then 24" is better IMO.

    In any case, 27" should go down in price once "retina" monitors with high pixel density start being sold.
  2. Did you say your 24" is 1200p? If it is I see no reason for you to upgrade unless you are going to like 1440 or higher.
  3. Yea, it is 1200. But I want to replace my 20.1" monitor (dual setup) with the 24" i'm using and then make the 27" my main! But the 27" are just too expensive. Thinking about just purchasing a 1080p 24" for cheap and dumping my 20.1" Viewsonic.

    When do the "retina" monitors come out?
  4. it really depends on what you do. want something better for what? bigger is not always better.

    gaming or work
    what type of games
    how far away from screen do you sit
    interested in 3D gaming / videos
    photo editing and / or video editing?
    how many monitors / surround set-up
    what GPU do you have

    prices for 27in 120hz monitors came down, but these are only 1080p
    also the "korean monitor" on ebay get a lot of attention tehse days. read all about it here:
  5. All 27" 2560x1440 resolution monitors have either S-IPS or H-IPS LCD panels. They are much more expensive to manufacture than LCD monitor with TN panels which are usually found in inexpensive monitors.

    If they become real popular and people start buying a lot of them then it is possible that prices will drop a little bit (~$100) because of mass production economies of scale. But they will still be relatively expensive compared to monitor with TN panels.
  6. Get a Korean monitor on eBay. They run for around $400.00. These monitors have several diffrent names. The best one in my opinion is the catleap one. Here's the best seller in my opinion on eBay. bought 3 monitors from him and they are prefect.
  7. Youngster, you HAVE 3 of these monitors? Have any pictures of the setup? I'd love to see it! Aside from them working perfect, how do you like the quality?
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