Best CPU for ESXI?

As the title says im looking for the Best CPU for esxi...Except under 300$ and its a desktop CPU not Server.

So right now i have a Phenom II X4 964 processor with 16GB ram.

Im looking to upgrade the Ram to 32GB and well my mother board doesnt support it. Its an AM3+ and max ram is 16GB.

I was thinking of getting another AM3+ motherboard that supports 32GB ram(Micro ATX) and using same CPU then down the road upgrading to the FX 8 Core processor. But im trying to see what you guys think is the best idea.

My only problem right now is i have 3 VMs running on it and when i remote in theres lag on the machine and i believe it to be because of the harddrive cant keep up with the reading and writing of all the OS's but im not sure. But also my ram is at a max so that could be the cause but ESXI should be using Over commit since im allocating more then i have.

Sorry if this is confusing so if it doesnt make sense just say so and ill try again im just looking for best solution so i dont waste more money.
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  1. How fast is your hard drive? If your VMs cause a lot of disk I/O, have you considered using one HD per VM? A faster processor won't help, but more memory would if the VMs are too large for the amount of memory currently installed.
  2. If you can't afford new hard drives, partitioning may allow for a moderate stability increase.
  3. Can you partition for ESXI? All the VMs i put are thin provisioned. Also its just a Samsung F3 7200RPM.
  4. Any reason you dont want to use a server class CPU.
    I just built the 'chill-n-cool' ESXI server. It came to less than 250 for the processor but its a xeon.
    This is the config I used from this link:
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