[Graphic Card] Deciding on a manufacturer for the 7970s

Hi, I have decided on getting the 7970 for my rig. Now I have narrowed my choices down to the following three brands,

Asus, msi and sapphire.

Asus 7970 DirectCUII TOP 3GB edition,
MSI 7970 LIGHTING 3GB edition
MSI 7970 POWER 3GB edition
SAPPHIRE 7970 DDR5 dual x 3GB oc edition. (Don't have vapor-x available in my country)

Any idea which one to get if we are taking noise/cooling factors into consideration.
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  1. asus or msi
  2. Any of them are good. I would go for whichever one is cheapest and still has good reviews.
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    You are far better doing the following:-

    --> you need to have 3 Tabs open, with a good, honest, full review for each card taking up each Tab. All that you ask will be detailed within the reviews. Only then will you be able to decide.
    --> To increase confidence in your choice get a few more reviews.

    --> this is far better than spending alot of money based on our one-liners good as they are, of course! :)

    As was said, all are good. See if any offer incentives e.g. games.

    Have fun researching :)
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