Receiving packets but not sending.

As the title says..that is my problem. It happens randomly and not consistently. Right now, I have Comcast and the modem is about 40 ft in another room. I have a Linksys Wireless 54g router that is broadcast to my pc and 1 other pc in the house. I have tried resetting both the modem and the router and it seems to work for a while, but the problem reappears. The problem occurs on both PC's in the house.

Basically, when I am playing BF3 beta, I get dc'd...but I can still hear everyone talking on TeamSpeak3 , but no one can hear me. If I try to browse the web, it says "connecting to" and then times out. Generally it lasts for 1-2 minutes and then the connections returns.

Another thing I should mention is that I basically have the same problem with my Comcast modem at times, except I lose connection completely. All the lights shut off on the modem except "Power" and "Receive" ..with "Send" flashing. I have to unplug the modem and disconnect the coaxial cable for 30 seconds to get it to work again ...if I dont it the connection doesnt return. This doesnt seem to be happening in conjunction with the "receiving but not sending" problem ...they happen days apart.

Is there a program I can download and run when this problems happens to pinpoint? Or does it sound like my modem or outside connection is screwed up?
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    There is no program that can pin point the exact problem.
    What you can try, assuming your running Windows, is running a ping command with the -t switch, on both your router IP and some internet IP such as
    So you could go to run, type command, hit enter, and at the command prompt type "ping -t" without the quotes. Leave this window open.
    You would do the same for your routers IP address, normally something like
    Now you should have 2 windows pinging 2 locations.
    Now what your looking for is packet loss. If the losses packets and the router says up it is going to be your modem. If they both go down it is going to be your router.
  2. Thank you! Appears to be my modem/outside connection as I am dropping about 50 percent of my packets. Not losing any packets to my router.
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