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Can i run this on my corsair 650 tx power supply?

will it out perform my brothers HD6850

thanks to all those who help :hello:
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  1. In the same review it says that the card reaches a maximum of 245W of power consumption when under load (dirt showdown) so it should be fine with your PSU.
  2. will it out perform my brothers HD6850 ?
  3. It will demolish it in every way possible. Although it kind of depends on your CPU as well. What is it?
  4. i have a fx8120 at oc 4.2 ghz he has intel 2600k i believe is at stock
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    Yup, the 6850 won't even know what hit it.
  6. :lol:

    Like stealing candy from a child. Not very fair towards your brother.

    Be nice now ! :non:
  7. thanks for the answers you have been a big help.heading to newegg now.
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  9. he teases me all the time, newegg rush order going forward.
  10. Yeah, brother love . . .

    Enjoy !
  11. i will,thanks
  12. Until your brother goes out and buys a 680 or 7970 :)
  13. :lol:

    Let the games begin.
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