Build Upgrade. Will PSU work still?

Hey everyone.
I've been discretely using your site for over a year now when it comes to information on builds. You've all helped me in making decisions on my build and buying my laptop. Thanks for that. So this is the build I settled with in the end and in the next year I'm looking at doing some upgrades to it. I use it for gaming and will eventually be using it for video editing since I'm going into the Film profession.

---Current Specs---
Motherboard: ASRock Extreme6 Z77
CPU: I7-3770K @ 4.4Ghz
Memory: Mushkin Radioactive DDR3 1600 cas latency=7 (2x4GB)
Storage: Mushkin Chronos 240GB SSD
Drives: 1x LG DVD player/burner
Case: NZXT Phantom 410 Midtower
Cooling: Zalman CNP S9900max-B CPU cooler
-bunch of NZXT 120mm & 140mm case fans
Monitor: ASUS VS Series 23" 1920x1080
PSU: Corsair GS800 800Watt
OS: Windows 7 premium (64-bit)

I look forward to feedback on upgrading the storage, memory size/bandwidth, second display, and second GPU for SLI. Will my 800W hold up or will this need to be bumped up to about 1000-1100W?
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  1. For two 670's in SLI, 800W is plenty. You should be fine with your current PSU.
  2. Yes, plenty of power there. SLI isn't going to help with video editing of course.
  3. Great to know. The SLI would be for gaming since I intended this build to be high end gaming and flexible with video editing. As for film editing, I've been told to have plenty of reliable storage and memory. Any suggestions there? Is 16GB of 1600 enough for future-proof or should I go to 32GB of 1600? Is there any noticeable difference in upgrading the bandwidth to 1800 or 2400? I've been entertaining the idea.
  4. I think higher memory clocks strain the controller on the CPU too much. As far as performance, there may be some noticeable render time improvement with very large jobs, but you want stability and longevity over those performance gains I think.

    I can't really say how much RAM you need. I would suggest you look at the particular program.
  5. I figured sticking with 1600 would be safer than using OC sticks. I may be fine with 8GB but with the number of possible applications I'll have open I may be looking at 16GB of 1600 in attempt to offset overload and lifespan.
    Glad to know that 800W is enough, saves me money in the process which could go towards another SSD and a storage HDD. Makes me wonder what could possibly require +1000W if 2x GTX670s can work sufficiently with 800W. XD

    Should I add another GTX670, SSD, and a HDD will this be alright?
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    Here is a complete list GPU power draws. You can usually add about 200W for the rest of the system and be very safe:
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  8. Thanks all. This has been very helpful.
    I guess I'm looking at ~300W and actually SLi can bring down each card's overall peak power consumption which is NOT something I took into account. I guess the big nasty beast was peak consumption, which would be my concern, although I'm looking at a 500-600w combined circuit.

    So even with a the 80% power efficiency of my PSU at high temps I think I'm in that grey area of ok. My system runs cool generally with my fan setup, so should that be the case-- I would have an additional 200W unused, having worked it out. :D

    Thanks again Prox and Friedman.
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