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i need a new cpu for my amd phenom ii 4x965 black i need that has the clips not the one with screws.i hate the cpu fan i have now so i need a much much quiet fan
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  1. okay thanks
  2. No problem mate :) .
  3. o one more thing would t be better if i take of my cooler master fan that it came with and but it in the back would that help me fan with less noise.i am also getting one more next mouth but until then i need to know if this is for the best to do until then
  4. I would just leave it as instructed where it is pulling air "in" to the heatsink rather than exhausting the air. Eventually, if you want better performance, get another fan for a push/pull config (best to use same fans with similar performance). Moving the fan won't reduce sound, but the one that comes with it isn't that loud to begin with (i used to use Hyper 212+), maybe a small whisper or wind.

    I remember seeing that you can use these with the AMD clips, but personally, I'd recommend using the backplate and screws for better contact to CPU and security.
  5. o i see i thought it did but i see it do thanks
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