Plextor TLA (Top Level Assembly) factory codes

Hi guys.
In a recent thread, I was advising a member to get a PlexWriter 24/10/40A like I did, and among the numerous replies to that member's post, a guy in particular (forgettythatty) was talking about a certain TLA factory number... where PlexWriters with a TLA#0000 perform better... You should have seen me running across my bedroom looking for the retail box of my burner right after I read that post, and *SIGH* realizing that mine has a TLA#0100...
According to this forgettythatty, TLA (Top Level Assembly) # 0000 is a particular model that came out of the factory particularly good...
something like (I don't know if you guys remember this one)
the "SSS" code of the old Pentiums P54C (suitable for Ocking and multi processor use)
A Plextor TLA#0000 is supposed to copy literally e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g... I went online and searched for this TLA (search engines and also but no info found.
I already know I won't sleep tonight...
I also replied to him in the other post, but here I am creating a whole new thread because I am too curious... is there any sort of table or list with all the TLA codes and their rate or meaning?
H E L P ! ! !

A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in
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  1. Really it is a very freakish thing you prob don't want to get into and really the people in this forum don't know much about it. But if you want to know where to go:

    Forums with people who will know exactly what you're talkin about: kinda. kinda too.
  2. Just so you understand, cd burners can only burn what they can read.

    This take effect only when you try to copy like PSX and DC games. That is why you need a mod chip for PSX game copys, and basically any DC game image you get your hands on was ripped and modified with a modified DC hooked up to a computer.
  3. on more thing I forgot. basically the TLA has nothing to do with performance, but traditionally it has effected the types of protections the plextors could read and write. If you really can't beat a protection, clone it with clonecd, then burn the actual image file on a oversized cd with daemon tools from to run it. Also get the aspi layer thing from daemon's site.
  4. I think the rumor is false. I got this from stretch:
  5. forgettythatty: you tha man...
    Thnx for all the info, all the forums and good sites that you shared with me. In particular the last thread made me feel a happy man all of a sudden...
    I always dreamed to get a Plextor, I had a TEAC CDR55S SCSI 4x and I loved it, even though it wasn't compatible with CloneCD... now that I finally got the best PlexWriter on the market, I almost cried when I saw that.... I couldn't believe that Plextor did this to us... It's like if ASUS locks the frequencies on their mobos to the standard CPU FSB because there were a couple of complains about overclocking... wouldn't it be crazy?
    -nice comparison, uh?-

    thnx again dude,


    A television may insult your intelligence but nothing rubs it in
    like a computer.
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