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hello everyone,
my current setup is asrock z77 extreme 4, 8gb ballistic sport ram, i5 2500k oc to 4.5. and a sapphire hd7850. ive been reading reviews for the 660ti like everyone else since yesterday and i was wondering if it would be better to upgrade to the 660ti or just crossfire my 7850. i have read lots of threads and the general census is go with a single better card then deal with crossfire drivers and problems. i have no experience in crossfiring or sli. any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. oh yea and i would like to be able to games like crysis, battlefield, and boarderlands 2 at the best setting i could
  2. Keep it, the 7850 is fine for now, wait until the GTX 760ti is out. I'm not sure that the cost would actually get you a whole lot of increase.
  3. Well 7850 crossfire will perform better than a 660ti. The 660ti is about 30% to 35% stronger. So 7850 cfx looks like it will perform a little better than a 680. So a 7850 will be better but a 66ti leaves more room for upgrade in the future. Yes crossfire is more difficult but it will work better. if you sell your 7850 you could probably get it for about 100.
  4. get another 7850 or sell your 7850 and buy gtx 670/hd 7970. also make sure that your psu can handle these gpus.
  5. i forgot to include my psu is tx750
  6. thanks for all the help so far its greatly appreciated
  7. crossfire and oc
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