Comparison between 3 CPU coolers


I have these three options (arranged by lower price to higher) :

Zalman CNPS5X (lowest price) -> Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 (higher price) -> Thermaltake Contac 16 (highest price) , which one should I use , ?

Note : I'll use this build for gaming & My CPU = Intel® Core i5 3570

Thanks in advance .
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  1. If it's the i5-3570 without the k suffix, you don't need an aftermarket cooler, you can't overclock overclock the cpu, you can raise 4 bins, but even then, the stock one is suffice.
    If you have the i5-3570k, i recommend the artic cooling freezer 13 or i30, those are good coolers and quiet ones.
  2. So it's unnecessary to buy aftermarket cooler for the 3570 ? Though I want to have good performance . Ok another question : does it worth buying the 3570K? I mean does overclocking make a huge performance difference ?
  3. No, not a huge difference.
  4. Ok , thank you sir very much . Now do i need aftermarket cooler for the NON "K" edition to have a good performance ? or the default cooler is good enough .
  5. I found that the stock cooler is loud and inefficient. The problems arise in the summer with the stock cooler if you have a hot room :) like me. So i would go with an aftermarket cooler even if you go and choose the non K version.
    I bought the CNP9900 (because it was OVER 9000 :))) with the 3570k, overclocked it to 4,2Ghz and i'm getting around 60 degrees celsius on prime95. It is not the quietest cooler out there but it certainly is better than the stock one and i'm getting great performance while it suits my case and blue lights.
    In your case i would go with the K version since it is almost the same price and the Arctic Cooling Freezer 13.
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