Home build Vs Refurbished PC world...?

hey, im thinking of building this PC for gaming and video editing.
z77 motherboard
i5 cpu
8gb corsair ram
sapphire amd 7850 graphics
western digital 500gb hard drive

And a few more parts. it will probably end up costing about 600.
I was pretty happy, until i saw this...


i7 cpu, same ram etc.... FML
is it def worth building or are these refurbished just as good?

pros cons?
what should i do.
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  1. Deffo the home build mate its a learning experience for one all your parts are under warranty instead if the refurb goes the whole pc needs to be sent back and tbh refurbs graphics card is pathetic :S
  2. I don't think a GT545, which I think is a mobile graphics card is going to be anywhere near as good as a HD7850. and though you get more HDD space, for your needs, just build.
  3. regaining confidence in my plan......

    what about the CPU i7 ? do you think i should try to find a cheap one of them so that i don't feel bad that i didn't get the refurbished?
  4. 545 is a horrid gaming gpu. Its more oriented to HTPCs if that. I am going with the home build over the refurb any day of the week, its just an overall better pc. Games do not take use of the i7s hyperthreading and in 99% of situations its just not worth it unless you are doing some high end video encoding or photoshop work etc.
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