What do you think of my proposed gaming build

So, I'm going to build it in three parts so I'm not waiting forever, I already have a case, fans and an OS and want to use the AMD platform as my last PC was Intel but am open to changes on the other items. I will be OCing everything as much as I can but I want most of the parts to last. I am using the SSD as a boot disk the the 2 x 1TB drives in RAID 0. if you need more info just ask :)

Planned parts list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1elY1KHHvrJCHAu2JzlfKizuaIpdyDu8drw3xs6E2VJc/edit (Colour coded and everything because I'm so fancy)
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  1. Everything looks compatible, but a few things:

    - I'm assuming the CPU+Mobo is for an easy upgrade to Piledriver?
    - Might wanna consider the Vengeance series for RAM, or if you're ok with G.Skill, the Ares series. I've seen bad comments about XMS3.
    - You sure you only want SSD for OS boot? Might wanna add in your favorite programs and games too, and a 128gb isn't that expensive.
    - Cool peripherals, I'm a Razer fan myself.
    - Great GPU choice.
    - Might wanna add a 3rd monitor in the future for Eyefinity. The 7950's 3gb are good for that.
    - By the time May 2013 comes, there will surely be better video cards though.
  2. For the gpu you want to use, i suggest for Intel cpu. It will give you more frame than AMD cpu. i5-3570k will be best option.
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