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Okay, I know there's a lot of troubleshooting tips for this, but I have one slight variable that seems to set this aside. Hitting the power, my PC stays completely dead except for an additional case fan that I installed. It's LEDs light up for a split second and die. I would think that means the power supply is at least working, so would it be the motherboard? Can mobos tell power supplies to shut off?

Here's my build, if anyone wants to take a look:

I know this is a very tired question for the vets, but I just want to thank you guys for any help.
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  1. Oops, I need to move this to new builds. Any help, mods?
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    Start by trying to get a post screen with just the onboard video. Remove your 670 from the board. If that doesn't work, try removing and reinstalling the ram; if you hear two clicks as you install each stick, it means both clips are locking down at each end; it's a noise I like to hear. If you still can't get a post screen, try the breadboard test. Remove the board from the case and mount on a breadboard or any non conductive surface such as the box it came in, and start over.
  3. check your psu

    reset cmos

    make sure your atx 12v rail is plugged in correctly

    and check all connections(also make sure you have the standoffs for the motherboard)

    Hope this helps! :D
  4. What PanicMaster85 said reset the cmos, Unfortunately it sounds like a malfunctioning PSU...

    If you have another psu laying around that is 500w+ connect it and see if it powers on.
  5. yep
  6. Okay, I did the PSU test and it seemed to work fine. Reset the CMOS via button = Nothing. Ran through the checklist, and the only thing that I didn't do was plug in the system speaker, but my mobo doesn't seem to have a place for it. Kinda weird. I'm probably missing it but I don't see anything that looks like that kind of connection and mobo manual mentions nothing about it.

    There's a chance I may have shorted out the CPU because I think I used a wee bit more grease on my CPU fan than I should have. If it's something that in depth, I'm just going to have to look into tomorrow.

    Also went down to one stick of RAM and swapped them out like o1die suggested.
  7. It may be a mobo issue, it also could vary well be a cpu issue as well... what do you mean by you put a little bit more grease than you should have?
  8. PanicMaster85 said:
    It may be a mobo issue, it also could vary well be a cpu issue as well... what do you mean by you put a little bit more grease than you should have?

    I knew it was only supposed to be a dot. I'd read it a million times and I'd seen it done a million more, but I just couldn't help myself. I put a light coat over most of the face of the CPU while staying about 2 mm away from the edge. I guess a lot of other noobs pull the trigger a little too hard their first time, too. I'm pulling the mobo out in a little while and taking a look at that. If I get it cleaned up and it looks fine, is there any way to narrow down the problem between either the CPU or mobo? I might be able to get my hands on a multimeter soon, too.
  9. HMM i dont know of anyways to really narrow it down... if you still have coverage then get the mobo repplaced and i guess the cpu while your at it... but first just wipe of the thermal paste and redo it

    Got some alcohol and coffee filters, but this looks pretty gunked up. Can I just splash some alcohol in there and let it dry for a good while, or should I just clean it up and try to RMA it? (Thank you, Newegg for pushing your warranties so much!)
  11. hmm yeah get all that off i think you might have shorted your cpu :/ the paste is not suppose to be down there, clean it off and then if it still does not work rma it
  12. Okay, I got it! I breadboarded it and isolated the problem! Totally feel like a mad scientist right now. With all of the awful pseudo-English manuals that came with all of the stuff, I had just started making assumptions on a lot of the unspoken things. Well, my PSU had a string of molex connectors that ended in some mysterious 4-pin female connector. It looked the same as the case fan connectors on the motherboard, so I just assumed that string was for fans and it terminated into the motherboard. Nope. Now everything is up and running! Just waiting for a PS/2 keyboard to get here from Newegg so that I can actually set it up. I still don't know what that connector is for, though. Any ideas?
  13. hmm im not sure so what you dont have it plugged in?

    Also Glad you fixed the issue :D hope i helped a little :P
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