7970 reference cooler vs 670 with aftermarket

I'm really pretty torn. Same price, Visiontek 7970 reference (newegg) vs Gigabyte Windforce 670 (superbiiz), both at $370. Then the 660 Ti kind of sneaks into the mix by saving $70, but I'm a little wary of the narrow memory bus giving diminishing returns in the future, but then again it would be more than good to go for at least 2 years and by then I would most likely look at an upgrade depending on performance levels.

Superbiiz doesn't give the Borderlands 2 coupon, so that's a knock there, would pay an extra $20 at Newegg for that one.

I could also wait for a better deal on a 670 or better cooled 7970 , a couple of weeks won't kill me.

This is for my new build, 3570k, 8gb, SSD+HDD, z77, 650w PSU. More relevant info, Amazon charges me tax so it's almost definitely out for a purchase of this size and I do have shoprunner.
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  1. I have gigabyte 670 oc and 2 mates have 7970, both great cards and you will be happy with either one.
    I think the amd card has more vram so would be better for multi screen set ups, but both would do job nicely.
    Hope this helps.
  2. Very noisy vs. very quiet. Performance about the same.


    "it is generally accepted that a 10 dBA increase doubles the perceived sound level."
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