Need to bypass login to enable new hardware/keyboard usb

I had a spill in my laptop and cannot type with it, my backspace bar wont work, top letter bar and bottom letter bars all type multiple letters etc. so i cannot type cmd, i need to know if there is a number key (f3 etc.) to type and a way to enable windows online keypad at login or how to bypass login using my mouse. thank you.
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  1. discussing bypassing password protection is against tomshardware's rules.

    if your laptop's keyboard is not functioning, use a usb external keyboard or a ps2-to-usb converter to add a keyboard.
    or you can click the 'ease of access' icon in windows 7 login screen (bottom left icon) and bring up the on screen keyboard (checkbox titled 'type without the keyboard') and use the mouse to type your password in the password box.
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