New custom build attempt can't get it to fire up

Hello I'm in the processes of trying to get a custom up and running that i order all the parts for and I am having issues with either trouble shooting bad parts or just not getting it to fire up. MB is Asus P8B75-v intel chipset with a quad core i5 750 watt psu 8 gigs of ram a 500g sata hdd plz help pulling my hair out!

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. Well if the computer turns on and the motherboard led indicator turns on it means something is faulty, refer to the manual to see what each beep and the lights on the motherboad mean. On the other hand, it could be something as simple as you plugging in the front panel connectors incorrectly which would not allow the computer to turn on with putting it on the right way.
  2. most times the onboard gpu is the first video device. if you have the video cable on the gpu you wont get any output. i would start with no gpu and see if the onboard gpu is working. with newer mb there are two power cables the 24 pin one and a 4/8 pin connector near the cpu. make sure on the 4/8 pin connector is plugged in and your using the 2 four pin connectors to make an 8 pin connector. most new builders think the pci video power that 6 by 2 is the right cable. the last thing make sure you used motherboard standoff to keep the mb from shorting out on the mb case tray.
  3. Alright thank you both i have checked over my front panel connections and unfortunately i have not gotten to fire up for me at all so would it be a safe assumption that i need to rma the board?
  4. If you did not get any boot and identified you have the front panel connectors in correctly then rma (sorry for the late response)
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