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I built my first new pc a little under a month ago. I have been a little unsatisfied with its graphical performance and am considering returning my GPU for a better one and was looking for some advice to help me decide whether or not to do it.

Here is what I got now:

Saphire Radeon HD 6850 1gb 256bit
Gskills 8g ram
Corsair builder 430w

I am considering buying a MSI Radeon HD 7950 3gb 384bit. This will cost an extra $200+ bucks because I will have to upgrade to a bigger psu (ocz modxtream pro 600w)

In your opinion
-Is this a good upgrade to make and will I notice a big difference
-I am open to any thoughts/suggestions on the matter.

On a side note. Will I miss out on much of the power/performance of this GPU since it is Pcie 3.0 and my mobo is only 2.0?

Thanks for your help,
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  1. Is this a good upgrade to make
    Yes, but I would recommend going for the newly released 660ti. The difference is that the 7950 is a teeny bit better at stock speeds, but the 660ti overclocks better, and costs 50$ less(for a reference card). And, the 660ti has a narrower 192-bit memory interface than the 384-bit 7950. That will impact performance when you bump up things like Anti-Aliasing and Anistroscopic Filtering, but the performance difference won't blow the roof off the house.

    As far as FPS difference, you will notice a ginormous difference from the 6850 to a 660ti or a 7950.

    Here are some benchmarks 7950 vs 6850 --

    I'm talking almost double the FPS on games like BF3. I recently upgraded from a Sapphire 6850 myself to a 7850, very satisfied.

    I think one thing you need to consider in the future is also upgrading your CPU, unless your on a strictly gaming budget. AMD FX CPUs are cheap but can bottleneck performance in some games.

    But as for the GPU, yes the upgrade would yield substantial increases in gaming performance, more than enough to justify the price-points.

    EDIT - I forgot to add the 7950 has 3GB of VRAM as opposed to the 2GB on the 660ti, which equates to better performance with AA and AF, like I mentioned before. But you will not see a big difference if you are playing at 1080p or lower.
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