Auto disable two cores when parking is disabled, fx6100

Hello I own a FX 6100 3.3ghz from AMD

Its a 3 cores processor with 3 logical cores.

But here is my problem, two of the physical cores, along with their respective logical cores, are parking themselves at all time!!

You might suggest disabling core parking. But, I started having this issue way after disabling core parking!!, I checked all my registry values, and they're still set to not allow any cores to park!

Back a few weeks, this issue popped once, and I made a post here, thinking my cpu was gonna die. I was able to remove the problem for a while, disabling the power saving option in my bios called: Cool n' quiet. But now, even with all the power saving options turned off in the bios, core parking disabled. I still always have 2 Physical and logical cores parked at all times!

I can't seem to find any thread on the internet about an issue of that genre, so I'm really irritated.
I have no viruses or anything on my computer, I cleaned registry and all the things with CCleaner, have sufficient free space on both my ssd and HDD (about 35% free for both) tested my HDD and my SSD, no issues found at all.

Anyone have a clue on whats happening?

It would really help to have this problem solved, as all the games I play are cpu itensive.... Id better have the charge split on all cores (they cant use more than two), than having the charge on two cores running at 100% and overheating the cpu
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  1. Have you tried running Prime95 ??
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