Corsair vengeance ram running slow

Hey guys I just built this new system with a Maximus v formula motherboard and i7 3770k and when I enter bios it shows my ram running at 1333 MHz instead of 1600mhz. Anyone have any ideas what's going on? I'm almost done installing windows now and a couple of boot device errors on the q code but other than that looking good. Any help would be great thanks guys
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  1. Try setting the frequency manually in the BIOS and make sure the voltages and timings are right, if not set them too. I have the same RAM and had a similar problem but in my case my motherboard did not support 1600MHz unless it was OC'd so I just changed the settings manually in the BIOS and it worked fine. Also make sure you have the 1600MHz version of that RAM, it comes in a few different speeds!
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