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Hey, im planning on buying a radeon HD 7750 but im worried that my processor will bottleneck it. My processor is a pentium R e5800 @ 3.2 ghz. Will it bottleneck the 7750? And if so, how much? Would it be noticeable?
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    And I don't think it would be too bad of a bottleneck. But what does the rest of your computer look like in terms of specifications?
  2. 4 gigs of ddr3 ram, 1 tb hard drive, not sure what mobo i have. I have the lenovo ideacentre k300 stock except for my current video card which is a gt 430.
  3. If its running a GT430, it should run the 7750 just fine.
  4. The 7750 will be able to play Battlefield 3 right? What settings do you think it will be able to run at on a resolution of 1440x900?
  5. You'll probably be able to pull medium in the campaign and multiplayer.
  6. Cool! Thanks alot for the help!
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