Forget the 680, I'm going 670! But which one? Help

I have been making modifications to my build that I will be purchasing soon. At first I wanted to do a gtx 680 sli config, but you guys told me that was unnecessary so I took away a 680 and about $550 of my build :) . Then you guys told me that a 670 is nearly as good as a 680 but way cheaper so I've decided to scale back again.

I've been looking at a couple of the cards but I can't really come to a conclusion. What is the best gtx 680 out there? I want to have a card that can give me great fps so there isn't any studdering (I want the game to look good too). I keep reading about a few great cards out there, namely the evga gtx 670 ftw and the asus gtx 670 direct cu2 (which happens to be unavailable everywhere), but I'm not sure which is the best. Could you guys help me out?
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  1. The Asus would be my choice when available.
  2. Are they making any more? From what I've read online, people couldn't get them as far back as May
  3. Where do you live? FTW is available on newegg, So is the Asus one.
    Also, Gigabyte GTX 670 is one of the bests out there I'd consider it too.
    Galaxy cards has an awesome looking and style, got 5 eggs rating from newegg just check it's review and put it on your wishlist too.
  4. I'd get EVGA GTX 670 FTW just because it's based on the GTX 680 board with better power stability and cooling...
  5. The EVGA standard 670 is $368 on newegg atm. That's a nice savings and you can always OC.
  6. saint7269 said:
    The EVGA standard 670 is $368 on newegg atm. That's a nice savings and you can always OC.

    But you're stuck with a stock cooler...
  7. I live in South Jersey. Is the cooler on the evga card crappy?
  8. I would recommend Asus GeForce GTX 680 DirectCU II TOP or MSI GeForce GTX 670 Power Edition
  9. I can't find that card anywhere..I'll probaby wait until monday and either go with gigabyte or FTW edition. One is a little bigger but I figure if I unmangle the wire mess in my case the gigabyte should fit.
  10. I of course read your question but, Why forget the 680? Take into account that people said that the 670 is equal to the 680 based on a OC edition wich was actually a little bit overclocked , and even then there is a slight difference, the 680 OC edition from gigabyte or the MSI lightning version obviously would have somthing to say about it. In my country the 680 is perfectly available and actually it´s at least 80 bucks cheaper as it used to be when I bought it, so my advise is, check every single option before you actually decide. (In my opinion the current best card from nvidia is the msi lightning gtx 680)
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