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I want to buy a new graphic card and currently my 2 options are HD7750 or GTX 550 Ti. Which one should I go for?
Replies would be greatly appreciated
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  1. the 550ti is better of the two, but requires a 6 pin and is heavier on the PSU. information about the rest of the computer should be the first thing given to us to actually recommend the gpu
  2. You're going to need a new power supply for the 550Ti most likely, but with the rest of your computer specifications we can't really help you that much, because the 550Ti is not that strong of a choice.
  3. HD 7770 would be better and cost the same as a 550 ti
  4. Okay Specs of my pc are :Intel i5 2300, 4gb DDR3 Ram, 500 GB hard disk and a 19'inch lg lcd
  5. What kind of computer is it?
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