Awesome gaming/video editing build

big bang xpower ii
hyper 212 evo
temjim tj11
vengence (4x4gb) 1600
wd caviar black 1tb
samsung 830 128gb (or 840 if out before purchase)
cheap dvd burner/player
msi gtx 650 ti pe

Original price - $2,450
Discount price - to be determined

*NOTE the gpu is temporary, i wll upgrade to multiple 680, 780 or 685?
Will the 685 be better than 680 im guessing
Any ideas on the release of the gtx 685? i heard ir might come out in december
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  1. The 685 isn't a thing. What is is your computer for? How m video editing will you be doing? If I were you I would either wait to be able to buy that new card, or see if you can scrape together the money now. Honestly the most expensive cpu I think you should get is an i7 3770k, that will do anything for editing, also you will have no increase in gaming over an i5. If you follow my suggestions the will save you hundreds of dollars, and enough to have a new gpu.
  2. ok, im getting this gpu now because im just waiting for the next gen of cards, i hear will come out between dec - feb. im getting a 3930k because i will be getting this build for a little over 50% of the current price, which will put me well within my budget
  3. Ok, but you could save a ton of money. buy going with the cheaper one still. And if you are seriously waiting 3-4 months, you might want to consider waiting to build the entire system until then.
  4. the thing is... i need to begin editing videos soon and my computer can barely open sony vegas, and i cant even put a video in it without having it freeze on me because of the little power in my current computer. i was just thinking on waiting on the gpu, im video editing mostly for now. and then if i want to i can upgrade with ivy bridge-e when it comes out
  5. Well if you need it right now Then I would try to scrape a little more money together. You could try getting a cheaper cpu or motherboard. Also you don't need a 1200w psu for this build. You don't need that much power unless you have two 480's or 3-4 gpus. And if you really can't, then I would get a 7750 or 650.
  6. i think i may go with a 660 ti because thats a great card for the price and it should last me to the 780 no prob as long as the discounts i get are good
  7. You should seriously actually name what GPU you are talking about. I'm talking about. Are you talking the upcoming Nvidia 7xx or current 6xx series? Or the AMD 6xxx and 7xxx and forgetting a digit? It's really confusing.
  8. i was going to get a msi 660 to pe, then wait a few monthes and get 1 or 2 or 3(for benching) gtx 7xx gpu's
  9. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get a 660 right now then sli another one in a few months.
    Also if you are thinking of getting a 660ti don't, and then get a 7950 instead. The 660ti is not good for the price at all. As a matter of fact tomshardware was able to get a 660 to almost as powerful as a 660ti with overclocking.
  10. ok, that sounds pretty good
  11. i chose the evga 660 because it was only that and a ref pny one they had=/
  12. What do you mean? the 7950 has a lot available if that is what you are talking about. But even if you do end up with a 660, that is really good card, and I am sure that two will be awesome.
  13. so the msi7950 twin frozr 3 oc is better than a 660? thats the only 7950 this store has =O
  14. wasnt paying attention to prices, 7870 looks better for now, heard 1 7870 is the best gpu in that price point
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