What to buy? 7970 vs 670 vs 660ti

Hey guy and girls i'm looking in to getting a new video card. And I'm stuck on what to get. I've been waiting on the 660ti and after reading a few reviews I'm not sold. I'm running 2 5770's atm and they get the job done with some tweaks to the graphics in what ever game i play. I know the 660ti will crush my 2 5770's but the 192bit memory interface scares me a little. I've had my 2 5770's for almost 2yrs now and have upgraded around them. And I would like to keep my new card just as long. There are a few nice sale atm and I'm torn on what to get. I'll list the cards i'm looking at below. Oh and i'll be playing on one 1080p mounter.

EVGA GTX 670 2GB $367.99

GIGABYTE 670 2GB $373.99

VisionTek Radeon HD 7970 $369.59 (Seems to be out of stock now.)

As far as the 670's go I know the Gigabyte cooler will keep the card cooler but it will dump the hot air into the case. And the 660ti and the 7950 are in the running. I also don't mind overclocking or mail in rebates.

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  1. GTX 670 or HD 7950 as i don't recommend reference HD 7970's
  2. saint7269 said:

    Note that this wouldn't include the coupon for Borderlands 2, so if you are at all interested the same card with the game would only be $25 more at newegg.

    I'm in the same boat with you, so I can't help much other than that, except I took the reference 7970s off the table due to their jet engine noise levels.
  3. The 670 and 7970 are in a different league compared to the 660 Ti. And the reference 7970 comments are correct, if you get one, get one with a non-reference cooler.
  4. OK forgetting the 7970, it's sold out anyway. Is 670 I linked at $368 worth the extra $$$ over the 660ti at $299 or a 7950 at $329 after a MIR. The 7950 has 3gb of memory and a 384bit memory interface. But I only uses one screen at 1080p. I'll make the jump to a 2560x1600 when the prices drop. So will the 3gb and 384bit payoff in the next couple years over the 670's 2gb and 256bit? The only reason the 670 is in the running is the $368 price point.
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    Depending on where you look at current benchmarks. The 7950's are great performers now with their newest driver updates. They overclock well from everything I've read and heard.

    If you have any intent on updating to 2560x1600 res then I would say the 3gb of memory definitely helps and the 7950 gets my recommendation. Max Payne 3 is a game that can and will use more memory. Crysis 3 also looms around so we'll have to see how that goes.

    Is the card I would buy if I were building another computer at this moment. It is also of the blower style fan cooling which I like. Cheers and Good Luck.
  6. The 7970 is better for now than it´s nvidia match the 680, there are several sexy versions fro the 7970 like the lightning from msi, and also the tahiti ship from amd has proven to be more overclock friendly than nvidia´s kepler. If you still wanna go nvidia (ati went ahead just because of a driver) try a 680, the 670 would have to be overclocked all the time to be a match for the 680
  7. I would go with the GTX 670 because the stock Radeon coolers absolutely suck. Also, I would get the EVGA simply because of the customer service.
  8. Go for the 7970 if available.
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