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Hello, I have a Samsung tv and am connecting to a laptop using an hdmi cable. Video is fine but no audio, the laptop won't recognise my tv as an audio output. Won't show in the control panel, have plugged in Belkin audio cable, all these are new and I have spent hours trying to sort it out could somebody please help as I have spent loads on new cables and adapters and don't know what to do.
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  1. did you select hdmi audio on your laptop (sound properties). you should not need an extra audio cable hdmi will do both.
  2. Hi

    Thanks for replying, my laptop doesn't give me that option. I am using an adaptor to use hdmi cable as laptop only has USB ports, could it be that my video card does not support audio? Laptop is only 2 years old. Thanks for any help.
  3. So you are using an usb-to-hdmi adapter? I'm pretty sure this adapter doesn't support audio!
  4. yes you will need an audio cable and plug into headphone jack. so you will need headphone jack to rca
  5. Thank you very much lads, I have sorted it with a male to male VGA lead and audio lead cheers, andy
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