PLEASE HELP! New build failure

My PC shuts off randomly and now it won't turn back on :cry: I built it the first time and it ran PERFECTLY for 2 weeks. then it shut off and when i turned it back on the LEDs flashed and the fans turned for a few seconds then shut off again. I figured this was a motherboard failure so I returned the mobo to NewEgg and got a new one. This one is the same brand (gigabyte) but 990FXA-UD3 instead of the 970. When i put it all back together today, it ran okay for an hour then shut off. turned it back on and the same problem occured. Now I turn it on and the LEDs and fans come on for a few seconds and turn off again. HERE WE GO AGAIN :fou: What could this be?!?!?!

here are my specs:
CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 695
MOBO: Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
HDD: Old Western Digital 280GB (because newegg sent me DOA)
Video CARD: XFX dual fan Radeon HD 6950
PSU: Corsair 650TX entusiast series
CASE (not like it matters): NZXT Phantom 410
CPU fan: Stock fan (cuz my CM 212 evo isn't compatible :( )
MEMORY: G. Skill 8GB Ripjaws X (2x 4GB)

Please help me found out the cause of this reoccurring nightmare.

Sam, 16
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  1. If it wasn't the mobo, then it is probably the cpu.
  2. Actually sounds kind of like a PSU failure, though Corsair is usually pretty good. Do you have another PSU you can borrow?
  3. if it not power then it may have been a heat issue. when you build the rig did you ever check the temps on the first day of the build to see that you put the heat sink on right and the temp were in a safe range?? if you did i would also bare bones the pc to see if there a bad part causing a dead short.
  4. Just for reference you were not trying to over clock the cpuon a stock cooler were you? it does sound like a heat issue to me as well. And did you apply thermal paste to the cpu stock fan you are using? And when you replaced the cpu in the new board did you reapply new paste?
  5. Try another PSU

    As a sidenote the 212 EVO is compatible whta makes you think it isn't?
  6. I suspect it's the PSU problem. Most likely one of the capacitor spoiled.
  7. I wasn't overclocking the CPU, I don't have an extra PSU so I guess I'll drop another 100 bucks >:(
  8. a lot of mixed answers so I'll look into the PSU problem :) thanks
  9. I doubt newegg will accept my current PSU though because i don't have all the boxes and such ( it came in some wacky packaging
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