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built a gaming computer last year. ran fine, had a few issues that were fixed by local store. then last week started to freeze up in game. had to re boot. this happened 2-5 times a day. putting my money on heat issues? installed MSI afterburner and kicked my GPU fan on to a manual 78%. then got GPU temp and saw my temp at 50-60 Celcius under load and 40-45 idle. thought i had the easy fix but then frooze again.

---Known specs---
gtx 560 pny edtion

FX 8120 8-core processer

seagate barracuda hard drive

ask for anymore these are the ones i just know off my head
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    Those GPU temps are good. That apparently isn't the problem. The first thing I always recommend is some housecleaning. Run CCleaner and have it remove resource wasting jumk files, registry errors, and other garbage that builds up over time. Do the Clean and Registry both.

    Many times the problem is a driver issue. Corrupt registry entries left over from old drivers. If CC alone doesn't solve your issue, uninstall the current gfx driver and run Driver Sweeper in Safe Mode.
    Have it remove any Nvidia, AMD, and ATI graphic driver remnants it finds. Re-boot and install the latest driver for your card and O/S.
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