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Which is better

Seasonic M12II 750W Power Supply
Corsair CX-750 Modular 80+ Bronze Power Supply
Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775W

Im trying to decide between these 3 for an upgrade. i am using a vantec 600w now i think and currently powering 2 evga gts 450 but looking to upgrade to a 660ti or a 670.

also hav intel 2600, 5 fans and a plethora of usb's running off at all times for controllers, cameras and other shite. want something suitable for when i upgrade processor and gpu and then overclocking space

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    Assuming you are planning to SLI your future cards, the Seasonic is probably the best of the three.
    If you aren't, then you don't really need the extra wattage and may as well either save money or buy a better quality lower wattage one.

    The Thermaltake and Corsair are both made by the same company.

    In general I'd recommend the Rosewill Capstone-M series, Antec HCG-M, Seasonic M12II or XFX Pro series for modular PSUs.
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