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I have been looking online for about two weeks for a gaming rig. I now know alot more than I us to about computers, but I think I'm starting to over think. I'm looking for a decent base that I can upgrade as I go. I've looked at cyberpower pc, which seems to have pretty good prices compared to building my own. Right now I have an old slimline with an upgrade to a gt610 gpu and 400w power supply that is working pretty good on low settings for World of Tanks(50-70 fps now before upgrade 5-14) So what I need to know is how big do I need to go to play games on high(W.o.T) or medium(other games)settings.

Thank you for any help (just getting in on the ground floor)
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    A Geforce GTX 660 or Radeon 7770 are recent series cards that will get you your medium settings.
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