Did I just kill my cpu?

I got a new motherboard and wanted to make sure everything was working so I put in my 3570k (new mobo so no OC, was using thermal paste and heatsink) and everything seemed fine. After being logged in for a few minutes the computer froze. I found that odd and reset the computer. Upon trying to turn it back on it shutdown about 15 secs later, then turned itself back on but my screens remained black. It did this several times in a row. Any ideas/advice?
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  1. I don't think you can kill a CPU like that. Was your power supply enough? Did you ground yourself before installing any of the new components?
  2. I know what happened I think! This happened the other night for me! What I found what was wrong is that the CPU cooler was slightly detached from the CPU, and it wasn't fully pressed down on the CPU. I just re attached things, and everything worked fine :)
  3. That's because your stupid :p. Really though, I don't think that's what happened.
  4. I do. Double check the heatsink, make sure its on good/tight.
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