What CPU and motherboard should i buy to accompany HD 7850?

Alright , here's my specs

Motherboard: Jetway TA55M-L FM1 Pci-e x16
Ram 8gb ddr3
Cpu AMD A6 3670k (i don't want the integrated dual graphics)
PSU 500watt

I have HD 7850, but guys said that it will bottleneck CPU, so im going to buy the CPU (and mobo too, because my current mobo 's socket is FM1)

I would love to run Gta 4 with ultra setting at 1680x1050 (if possible)
Or crysis 3 with High ( ultra is not necessary)

Any help would be really really appreciated...
Thans be4
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  1. a New cpu and gpu? Id do a fx 6300 and gigabyte/asus 970 board around $100. Or i3 or i5 with a z77 asrock extreme 4

    fx = $140 board $100 = 240, i3 = $130 - i5 = 180-230, + z77 board = 140
  2. It would be helpful if you gave us a budget
  3. What do you guys think about Phenom ii x4 965 BE? and ASUS M5A97 EVO AM3+ mobo?

    A guy said that My PSU isnt enough, atleast 550w is required. Is that true?

    my budget is $200
  4. For that budget old phenom will serve u fine.....

    if your PSU is quality 500w, then no need to change....

    for safety, what the type/model/brand your PSU ?...
  5. Idon't really know the model

    Can that CPU run Crysis 3?
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