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Intel Stock HSF Problem

February 23, 2013 1:06:56 AM

I have a Intel Core i5 3350P which came with a HSF (Got it in this passed week). The problem with it is, 2 of the push pins don't seem to work correctly. The white part (when you pull up on the push pin) stays pulled up. The black pin at the end is right at the tip of the white (See image: , the black pins is NOT completely out like it shows on the far right, its just like Step 2 on the right.)

Is there anything I can do to fix the problem with the HSF or am I just out of luck and will have to get an aftermarket cooler? (And yeah, the HSF is not fully secure. The 2 pushes that work, work fine while the other 2 can't go in the MoBo holes.)


Its JUST like this:


Fixed the 2 legs. Was very easy actually/ I got (don't recommend this but it worked) my pocket knife, pushed the white part down that is in each push pin and all of them are back functional and moving up when pulled up and down when pulled down. Clamped down into MoBo and locked on. Temps are now between 15c-26c idle whereas they were 50-60c idle.