New budget PC gaming build.

Hey guys, I've got a list for a budget gaming PC build, used to take on not too much, mate some WoW and a few modern games, but nothing too heavy.

880GM-LE-FX - $62
2G GTX 650 Gigabyte N650OC - $159
AM3+ x4 FX-4100 - $112
8G Kit 1600 G.Skill Ripjaws-X - $44
A-Power Mars-M2-3025 - $30
Hitachi Deskstar 7200rpm 500G - $63
Total: $470

(All the prices are from MSY)

Anyway, I live in Australia so all the parts are from MSY. I know the case is a bit crappy but I had the same one (Includes PSU) And it lasted me a while.(But now I have an Antec 900). Anyway I was also wondering if it would be worth swapping the FX-4100 for an i3-3220 with a new motherboard. Let me know if I should. Leave your thoughts and suggestions on the build below, but please keep in mind I really have to keep it close the original price.

Feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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  1. Get the i3.
    Your GPU is overpriced for its performance. The even cheaper 7770 gives more.
    RAM is fine.
    HDD is fine.
    A generic PSU is bad. You're risking your components frying.
  2. Yeah true, that way I can swap for a better PSU.
  3. Quote:
    definately go i3 or a10

    The a10 and i3 are virtually the same price, so i3 or a10? Cheers
  4. If you're saving up for a good GPU, get the a10. The integrated graphics is more powerful.
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