XFX Geforce Gtx 260?

Hi, I can get an XFX Geforce Gtx 260 for quite cheap. I know it's an old card but is it any good at running todays games? For example, would I be able to run the likes of arma 2, skyrim, bf3 etc on high settings with no problems?
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  1. No. You will not get very good performance with that card on battlefield 3. It gets 50 fps on all low settings it gets 52 fps. Upping the settings to high will give it a pretty big in performance to probably like The review paired it against 28 other cards in battlefield 3 on different presets. They didn't even bother listing on high presets. The lowest card they listed got 31 fps so the 260 will probably only get like 20 fps average on high. There is also the issue that it can only run DX9.
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