Can't new system to recognize any keyboard input!! Help

On my 2 week old system it was running a little slow this evening so I rebooted it. When it reloaded back up to the Windows login screen it wouldn't recognize my keyboard input for the password!!! I have my keyboard and mouse connected to a KVM switch. I switched to the other PC and the keyboard worked fine. I double checked the connections still no go. I rebooted a few more times... during initial boot it recognizes the keyboard (I can get into and out of the bios without issue).
I connected a 2nd keyboard directly to my new system... still no keyboard input!
What the heck is going on and how do I fix it??
I do remember installing a new keyboard driver a couple days ago but I thought I'd rebooted a few times since then.
Any ideas?
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  1. Turned on Ease of Use, which let brought up an onboard keyboard. After a dozen more attempts and reboots finally got it fixed. Couldn't roll back driver (not accessible), Driver Update didn't work (said it was the latest). Disabled and rediscovered, still showed ! on the keyboard. Keyboard showed up as an HID Keyboard.... when I switched over to my other PC (same keyboard and mouse via KVM) it showed a Generic PS/2 keyboard. Tried disabling and rediscovering... came back with the same problem. Finally looked in my Add/Remove programs and there was a keyboard entry (don't recall the name now) but once I removed that and rebooted I the keyboard finally started working again. That was a real pain in the but experience that wasted about 2hours of my time. I'll never try installed some 8 year old keyboard driver again (in attempt to activate some dedicated extra keys)
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