Nvidia EVGA 650I Motherboard won't boot

I've already hauled through 100's of forums trying to find a solution, but all the solutions do not work for me so hopefully someone else might be able to help.
I turn on my computer, all the fans start up, I see a green light on the bottom left corner of my board and an orange one on the top right.
No beeps come from my MoBo speaker, no display on my monitor and when I hit the switch to turn it off it turns off instantly instead of taking a second or two like it should. I've switched out RAM, Graphics cards, Monitors, power supply's, tried without monitor plugged in and without a Graphics card, same with RAM, still nothing.
I looked up the assembly for the board and read the entire thing to make sure everything was plugged in correctly where it should be. Everything is how it should be, and it used to work, didn't use it for a while and now this, i've torn it apart and cleaned it too to make sure there was no dust or mud on the circuits.
Please somebody, help me with this issue, because I can't find an answer anywhere, i've been trying for days.
Thank you to whoever can help.
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  1. Going to suggest you try replacing your CMOS battery (if you haven't already), not too expensive and sometimes cures strange occurances such as yours.
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