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I have a PACS workstation that has 2 Planar Dome E3n monitors that, until last night, were driven by an ATI FireGL V5200 256MB card. The card is overheating and I need to replace it. They are discontinued and I wonder what might be a suitable replacement. Since that (old!) system was working just fine, I am not interested in getting too far beyond these capabilities if possible. Can anyone make recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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  1. What is your budget?
  2. Budget is less than $200, but it is not a hard point. Less is better, of course, but I can exceed if needed. Since the card is so old, I halfway expect that the closest match will be fairly inexpensive, no? I didn't say that it is PCI-E.
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    Pretty decent price point, will replace a FireGL:
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  5. thanks austing!
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