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I've recently upgraded my graphics card in my old rig but now when I play games I get a constant buzzing sound produced. It gets louder the better the graphics a game has so that leads me to believe that it may be a fault with my graphics card. I've tried updating the drivers and changing headphone but its still there. Also other people can here it, like when im on skype talking to my friends while playing a game they can hear it over the mic? help please :(
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  1. The most common cause of a "buzz" is a defective fan, either "stalled", or out of balance and vibrating, when spinning fast. Another possible source of a buzz is power supply, when drawing high load. Less likely would be an electrical short, as that would normally lead to something more obvious, or shutdown, but it may be worth giving internals a clear out, with compressed air, just in case. Other than that, it's down to taking side off case, and trying to locate source, of buzz.
  2. I think what you may be experiencing is "coil whine". It is an extremely annoying but harmless problem on higher end GPUs. Google coil whine for more info you may find that is what you are experiencing. Without hearing it I can't tell you for sure though.
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