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Choosing a Graphics card

Gentle people of PC land....need your input please. Building my PC and looking for a decent card. I have been looking at the Gigabyte GV N630-2GI - graphics card - GF GT 630 - 2 GB as it is under a hundred. My system as to date consists of a CM HAF 922 mid tower, ASRock Z75 Pro3 MoB, 8GB Ram, I5 2500 3.1 intel processor, and a CM 850W Silent Pro PSU. Your thoughts,comments, and critics would be welcome. This is my first build...but have been tooling with PCs for a while. My biggest concern is that this card does not (at least what I can see) have a power i take it that it will draw power from the MoB? Will this affect performance, etc...Thanks again for your input....
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    the 630 card is more for pre built dells then a gaming pc. it game just not well at high res. the 650 is going to be the 560ti replacment is a few weeks. (120-150.) price range. on amd side is the 7750/7770 cards. i would wait for the 650 cards to drop then see where amd and nvidia move the cards price points.
  2. The 630 is not considered a "gaming" card. much too slow for even medium setting in most games.
    If gaming is not a concern it will give good BR playback etc...
    For $100 budget see if you can find a AMD7750 or 7770 on sale.
  3. Your power supply is way too over sized for this set-up. Most of the power supply perform the best when the load is from 50%-80%, so, if u are not planning to do any graphic card update in future, you should consider lower power PSU and save the money at the same time.

    You can do some rough calculations here

    Your graphic card doesn't have power plug because it is just an entry level kind of card and doesn't consume much power, so, the power from PCI-E lane is enough to power if.

    If you are thinking of doing some gaming down the road, better top-up a few hundred bucks and buy a good graphic card.
  4. Thanks to all for the input. Will stay my "buy" finger for now until cash reserves are higher for better card. Again, thanks.
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