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Quick background: everything was going good, wife installed sims 3, computer constantly started to crash (blue screen) and things wouldn't load properly ie Firefox.
Did a memtest on the ram and saw that it failed several tests, so went and exchanged the ram out and computer booted up fine at least and started firefox without any issues. A little bit later, got a warning that display driver as failed and then recovered. At that point shut down the computer, then every time it got to the loading screen it would go straight to blue screen.

Ok figured maybe had an issue with the OS, reinstalled the OS. Strange thing that happens is that when it initially boots up before it gets to the windows loading screen, I can not use the keyboard. It'll do the count down when it tries to either start windows normally or start windows in safe mode. Can't use keyboard to make selection. Tried plugging in different keyboard, and still no result.

Now i'm at the point where windows will boot, I can use the mouse and keyboard (but only after windows loading screen) however, there is a nasty flicker going on the monitor. Is it the graphics card thats going bad, or is it the route problem the motherboard. Seems strange all these things would fail in a matter of short time (had computer less then 4 months) where as the motherboard could be the root problem of it all. Any suggestions would be great:
CPU: AMD 6100
Motherboard: Asus (cant remember type)
Video Card: XFX 6570 Card
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  1. if your computer crashed before windows screen its some driver issue.
    when booting up press f8 and select safe mode with networking, uinstall video drivers. install new ones
  2. Can't press f8, cant use keyboard unless i get into the bios screen and/or after windows has booted
  3. could it be to try and update your bios? it may not work but it is worth a shot
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