2 radeons 2 monitor only 1 video card working

i have a 6870 and a 6850 powering 2 different monitor(1 monitor connected on each card)
im trying to get the two cards to each render a game but when i check with gpu-z only the 6870 is working

why isnt the 6850 rendering what is displayed on its screen? For some reason the 6870 is rendering the 2 games and "sends the image of one" to the 6850

in gpu-z the 6870 is running at 100% and the memory use is 981 mb while the 6850 is at 0% and 23 mb

if in the windows setting i set my 6850's display as primary the exact opposite happens
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  1. Are you trying to run two separate games at the same time on a single computer with one displaying on the output of the 6870 and the other displaying on the output of the 6850? Games aren't really designed to do that. Most games will try to use the primary display adapter by default. Why don't you just run the cards in CrossfireX mode to improve framerates. Have you got/connected the Crossfire cable between the two cards? 6870 and 6850 are crossfire compatible. See this: http://sites.amd.com/PublishingImages/Public/Graphic_Illustrations/WebBannerJPEG/AMD_CrossfireX_Chart_1618W.jpg
    And I suggest you look this over as well: http://sites.amd.com/us/game/technology/Pages/crossfirex.aspx
  2. You can get them running in crossfire, that will get both GPUs going to increase frame rates. As far as what you're trying to do though...GPUs aren't designed to each run a game on their own like that.

    Plugging in the main monitor in to the 2nd GPU doesn't do anything because the first GPU is still plugged in to the main PCIe slot.
  3. no they are not in crossfire, i just want to use 1 card per game on 2 monitors...
  4. clout13r said:
    no they are not in crossfire, i just want to use 1 card per game on 2 monitors...

    Yeah, unfortunately the drivers don't work like that. The only thing you can do to use both is crossfire.
  5. i just got an nvidia 570 and now it works with the radeon 6870... weird that ati wouldnt let me do it but adding their competitors video card does....
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